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Starting and Operating Business in Mexico

Texas Corporation - LLC.             Delaware Corporation - LLC.

FAA Aircraft trust and lease ( Matricula "N" para extranjeros   Fideicomiso -Non-Citizen Trust NCT )

El Caribe, Europa - Offshore




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The management of the Organization and Services described above are provided with all the legal formalities necessary to form and operate a LLC or small corporation, owned by thirty- five or fewer well-informed stockholders who have a trusting relationship with the other shareholders or members, the directors, managers and officers. Such relationship includes close business association, close friendship, or close family ties. Our administrative services do not and cannot substitute for a careful examination of the economic realities facing neither each business nor the advantages and disengage of incorporating, tax consequences and other technicalities. Please pay attention to any special characteristic of your LLC or corporation. Although not required by law, we recommend that you consult an attorney and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that may have possession of all the facts of your business.